Hire the Winning Mindset

97 percent of employers, like you, prefer mindset over skillset in the people they hire.

Mindset predicts who flourishes and who falls short, who delivers, and who disappoints. Until now, mindset has been difficult, even impossible to gauge. That's all changed.

Introducing the world's first comprehensive gauge of a winning mindset—the 3G Panorama. 3G Mindset is a statistically valid and highly reliable gauge of an individual's mindset.

Employees with a 3G mindset tend to

  • Perform better and work more effectively
  • Show resilience, tenacity and agililty
  • Earn more and win promotion sooner
  • Become the employee you want to retain

8 minutes, 80 items. That's all it takes for your candidates to provide you with what may be the most important predictor you never knew existed. Skillset and qualifications count. But mindset determines who delivers.

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