Press coverage for 3G Mindset

James Reed and Dr Paul G. Stoltz have attracted media coverage around the world for their groundbreaking research on mindset and their bestselling book, ‘Put Your Mindset to Work’. Here’s a selection of recent highlights.

Print & Web

The Bookbag review, UK – 19 July, 2013

Mindset over skill set

Bdaily, UK - 02 July, 2013

Good reads to improve your business life: Pick of the month

Human Resources Magazine, Singapore - April 2012

How to work fearlessly in a border free world

The Business Times, Singapore - 5 March, 2012

Reading Minds To Get The Best Hires

Human Resources Online, Singapore - 1 March, 2012

Winner of the CMI Management Book of the Year Commuter's Read Award

Chartered Management Institute - 7 February, 2012

Mind over matter to be a winner in the job stakes - 1 January, 2012

60 seconds with Paul Stoltz

New York Post - 25 September, 2011

Mindset Trumps Skill Set When Filling Jobs

The Wall Street Journal - 9 August, 2011

20 questions: James Reed

Financial Times - 21 July, 2011

It works, when you put your mind to it

Recruiter Magazine, UK - 27 July, 2011

Make mindset the recruitment norm, says Reed

Recruiter Magazine, UK - 10 June, 2011

Attitude is worth more than skills

The Sunday Times, UK - 6 June, 2011

Employers hire on attitude over skills

Daily Telegraph, UK - 31 May, 2011

New book’s research rates mindset over skills in job hunt

Recruiter Magazine, UK - 31 May, 2011

Time to rethink your resume

Chicago Tribune, US - 30 May, 2011

The mindset revolution

BA Business Life - 25 May, 2011

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Getting, and Keeping, the Job You Want

Fox Business News - 24 June, 2011

Mindset over skill set

CNN: Quest Means Business - 31 May, 2011

‘Mindset’ is secret to getting a job says recruitment CEO

BBC: Breakfast News, UK - 31 May, 2011