3G Panorama™ - Measure Your Mindset

Mindset matters—Measure yours and gain advantage with 3G Panorama, the world’s most powerful tool to measure your mindset. 3G Panorama lays the foundation to strengthen and apply your 3G Mindset at work and beyond.

Winning mindset—The 3G Mindset comprises the 72 qualities that top employers define to be “the winning mindset.” A complete overview of the 3G Mindset qualities will be provided in your 3G Panorama report.

Free score and more—Complete the 3G Panorama and receive your 3G score for free. Sign up now and you’ll receive a personalised and detailed 3G Mindset report. Along with revealing your natural mindset strengths, your report will outline areas you should target in order to strengthen your mindset and achieve immediate benefits.

Allow 8-10 minutes to complete the 3G Panorama.

Measure My Mindset

3G Panorama