Endorsements for ‘Put Your Mindset to Work’

A selection of endorsements for the best-selling book on Mindset, ‘Put Your Mindset to Work’.

"If you want to work for the best, Mindset is everything. This book provides the definitive answer for anyone trying to gauge, strengthen and apply mindset to gain a powerful edge."

Stephen J. Burrill
Partner, Deloitte
National Health Care Providers Marketplace Leader

"People who thrive at Facebook absolutely have to have the right mindset, period. That's what's driving us into the future. This book shows you how to gauge it and get it."

Caitlin Dooley
Contract Recruiter for Facebook

"The insights in this brilliant book could have saved me and any top employer a lot of elementary mistakes."

Gordon Roddick
Co-founder, The Body Shop

"This brilliant book equips anyone wanting a leg up at work and in life with the tools to flourish. Mindset beats skill set every time."

John Ainley
Chief HR Officer, Aviva

"Attracting the right talent is critical for building any successful company. 'Put Your Mindset to Work' provides practical and insightful strategies for assessing and developing organizational talent. The research and industry perspectives throughout this book are highly relevant and extremely valuable. A groundbreaking look at how to leverage your mindset to create an advantage in the marketplace."

Tamar Elkeles
Ph.D., Vice President, Learning and Development, Qualcomm

"A hugely informative and enjoyable book which highlights the importance of mindset and through very practical, easy to use tools shows how you can develop your mindset to aid career progression. The case studies which punctuate the book are particularly inspiring and illustrate the key messages"

Simon Lloyd
HR Director, Santander UK plc

"What if the key to handling the most complex leadership and talent management challenges hinged on the very way you think? Stoltz and Reed provide a powerful model and toolkit that will equip leaders at all levels to tackle challenges and lead others with exceptional results"

Joshua Margolis
Professor of Business Administration, Harvard Business School

"This brilliant book is a game changer. Read it, remember it and put your new 3G Mindset to work. There'll be no stopping you!"

James Timpson
Managing Director, Timpsons
Named in the Top 10 of the Sunday Times Best 100 Companies to Work For on five separate occasions.

"Whoever you are and wherever you are, the 3G Mindset will give you new insight and understanding into what it really takes to succeed at work. A good read that provides thought provoking and practical advice for all those developing their careers."

Andy Doyle
Group HR Director, ITV Group plc

"Put Your Mindset to Work changes the conversation when it comes to recruitment and selection. Everyone wants the winning Mindset. This great book tells you what it looks like and how to make the most of it."

John Ayton
Co-Founder of Links of London

"This book marries rock-solid science with compelling tools to provide the definitive solution to landing, keeping, and thriving in the best jobs. This one goes front and center on my bookshelf. A genuine breakthrough that will send shock waves around the world!"

Harry Hoopis
Chairman, Hoopis Financial Services
Founding President General Agents Management Association

"The knowledge and concepts conveyed in this book, Put Your Mindset to Work , are critical elements in the hiring equation. This book is a resource to any organization or leader that wants to recruit and retain top talent."

Chris Powell
Executive Vice President, Human Resources, Scripps Networks Interactive

"Put Your Mindset to Work is a bold book. In it James Reed and Paul Stoltz dare to assert that skills guarantee nothing and that it takes more than guts to succeed! It’s mindset that trumps everything. In a refreshingly straightforward style, Reed and Stoltz back up this truth with real-life examples and impressive research on what really counts in getting the best jobs, reaching your earning potential, and flourishing beyond work. Stop whatever you are doing right now, and before you do anything else read…and apply…this book. You’ll be very glad that you did."

Jim Kouzes
Coauthor of the bestselling The Leadership Challenge and The Truth about Leadership, and Dean's Executive Professor of Leadership, Leavey School of Business