“Put Your Mindset to Work” second edition is out today!

Governments, business leaders and workers worldwide regularly operate on the same basic assumption: better skills equal better jobs. However, the reality is that skills become obsolete, even worthless, more quickly now than ever before.

Research for New York Times bestseller and winner of the CMI Management Book of the Year (“The Commuter’s Read”) Put Your Mindset To Work: The One Asset You Really Need to Win and Keep the Job You Love found 97% of employers surveyed actually picked mindset over skill set as the key element in those they seek and retain.

Written by James Reed and Dr. Paul G. Stoltz, the key findings of their research are:

Mindset fills the gaps: Employers believe that people with the right mindset are far more likely to develop the right skill set than the other way around. 

Mindset endures: Employers don’t know what sort of skills they will want in ten years, but they are very clear about what sort of mindset they will want.

Mindset secures your job: Employers overwhelmingly chose those people with the right mindset—the 3G Mindset—as the ones they would keep, even when they had to cut everyone else.

Mindset sets you apart: Employers reveal that when you master the 3G Mindset, you are worth more than seven “normal” co-workers.

Mindset matters more: Employers rank mindset above skill set when it comes to decisions on recruitment and promotion.

Mindset and money are married: studies by Reed & Stoltz reveal that the 3G Mindset, correlates with how much money you might make.

Put Your Mindset To Work is published today in second edition.  You can buy or review the book now on amazon.co.uk.

A win for the winning 3G Mindset

I am delighted to announce that Put Your Mindset to Work has been awarded the “Commuter’s Read” prize at the Chartered Management Institute (CMI) Management Book of the Year Awards held at the British Library,London. It was judged alongside 38 submissions by a team of CMI reviewers, all managers and business leaders.

The prize was awarded by Dame Mary Marsh, Founding Director of the Clore Social Leadership Programme. Dame Mary commented that she found the book to be “a true personal wake up call” and spoke on the importance of being aware of your own qualities and areas for development, whatever stage you are at in your career. It is never too late to develop your mindset!

The “Commuter’s Read” was one of five categories and other winners on the night included The Cult of the Leader by Christopher Bones, winner of the “Practical Manager” category and of the overall “Management Book of the Year” accolade and Bold: how to be brave in business and win by Shaun Smith and Andy Milligan, winner of the “e-book” category. I was honoured for Put Your Mindset to Work to be recognised alongside these excellent titles.

You can see Dame Mary talking about Put Your Mindset to Work by clicking here.

You can also see pictures from the awards ceremony by clicking here.

Master Your Mindset Now

James Reed, Chairman of REED, has launched a new programme to help people develop and strengthen their mindsets.

A stronger mindset offers many substantial benefits. Through in depth research with employers worldwide, James Reed and Paul G. Stoltz have discovered that employers would recruit mindset ahead of skill set on almost every occasion. By strengthening and applying the winning mindset (the 3G Mindset) jobseekers are able to:

  • triple their chances of getting and keeping the job they want,
  • achieve seven times the value of a ‘normal employee’ in the eyes of their boss or key stakeholders.

‘Master Your Mindset’ is an online tutorial now available by logging into this website. Through a number of interactive challenges and videos, as well as personal reflection, an individual can measurably and permanently strengthen all facets of their mindset. The tutorial has been designed to accompany the bestselling job hunting book, ‘Put Your Mindset To Work’, and is the only 3G Mindset building programme currently available.

‘Master Your Mindset’ can help anyone, whatever their mindset or stage in life, to grow and to improve.

Being good is good business

“Being good is good business… If you do things well, do them better. Be daring, be first, be different, be just.” – Anita Roddick, founder of The Body Shop.

Employers emphatically seek good people with good mindset qualities. The top 20 mindset qualities that employers seek include more good qualities than anything else. Qualities such as honesty, loyalty, trustworthiness and accountability. We have every reason to believe, based on our work and research, that this applies to anyone at any level. Good applies to you regardless of your status or position. Good is not a “nice to have”. It is a “must have” if you truly seek to secure and make your mark in the job you love. It is a practical and essential lens and tool for achieving the sort of working life you desire. No matter how strong you are on global and grit, you cannot get there and stay there without good.

So what is Good in Business?

We cringe when employers tell us “We seek good people”, because we know from our research and expertise that they are asking for trouble. Some of the most unhappy workers at any level we’ve ever met are good people who demonstrate good qualities. Some of the most under performing and endangered divisions of businesses we’ve ever seen are filled with good people who are trusting, caring, ethical and more. Being a good person isn’t enough.

So when we refer to “good”, we are not referring to the common variety of being a good person, who may be easily crushed. We are talking about the 3G version, who stands up to and is strengthened by the most difficult tests. This is the version that earns you the job you love and helps you flourish throughout your career. Good is the bedrock of your 3G Mindset. It is about seeing and approaching the world in a way that truly benefits those around you and standing true to what matters most, no matter what, the 3G way.

Do you have the Good Mindset employers are looking for? Take the 3G Panorama® for free today and find out.

Three Ways to Power-Boost Your Skill Set

It’s 97 percent. That’s the percentage of employers who, when forced to pick, say it’s more likely your mindset will drive your skill set, rather than the other way around.

In other words, it’s more likely a person with the right mindset will find a way to grow the right skill set than a person who keeps pounding away on skills will somehow, someday, develop a winning mindset. That’s what our survey of roughly ten thousand top employers worldwide, across all industries reveals, if not shouts to anyone trying to upgrade one’s career.

Piling on more skills training may actually result in disappointingly little improvement in the value one delivers and the fulfilment one derives from one’s job.

Based on our research, the winning mindset is comprised of 72 qualities that fit under the 3Gs-Global, Good and Grit. Based on honed practice with Fortune 100 employers, here are three ways-based on the 3Gs- to use mindset to power-boost your skill set.

1-Reach Beyond (Global)

When it comes to what the research defines as a winning mindset, Global is not about being international or multicultural. It’s all about perspective-your tendency to think beyond-and big picture thinking in all you decide and do. As work gets more stressful, and adversity attacks from all sides, it’s entirely natural to get more intensely focused in the weeds, on the immediate here and now as you get relentlessly pelted with demands.

Reach Beyond by asking yourself, “Who, (what person or resource) beyond my immediate reality (industry, workplace, geography, culture) could I ask or seek out to get a entirely fresh perspective on this situation?” Then use the wonders of modern technology to do so in 59 seconds or less. Use your Mindset to tap their insights, and improve your problem-solving skill set. Most “experts” love to be asked. And you’ll notice a true trend. The good ones respond.

2-Grow for Free (Good)

I remember a friend who was an exceptional symphony level musician. The problem is, you must have symphony level experience to audition for a symphony spot. How do you get the experience without the experience?

Here’s where a lot of people get stuck on skill development. If you have, at best, modest construction skills, the problem with buying your dream house is it might be too nice to risk experimenting. The same can be true of applying underdeveloped skills in a “you better get it right” kind of job.

If Global is about perspective, than good is about people. A “Good” Mindset means being infused with exceptional integrity and kindness. It is all about the degree to which you consider and act to the benefit of others.

You can Grow Good and your skills by volunteering for causes and projects that require the exact skills you most need and maybe most obviously lack. If you are weak at finance, run the books for a neighbourhood build or block party. If you tend to be poor at planning, take charge of a detailed event. The good news is, when you’re not being paid and your career isn’t on the line, mistakes are expected, and quality is a bonus. Volunteer settings are mistake-making places. That’s how you hone the stuff you lack.

3-Enter the Storm (Grit)

One of the main complaints employers wage against “Gen Y”, or at least their less-than-flattering stereotype, is that they expect, even feel entitled to do only things they are naturally good at and enjoy. Someone else should do the rest. Regardless of this offensively limiting portrayal, the fact is no one seeks the unpleasant jobs.

Grit is all about forging and demonstrating uncommon resilience, intensity and tenacity, that helps you get stuff done, long after most others would quit. Instead of running from, turn into the storm, and selectively take on the (most visible) toughest, least enjoyable tasks that put you way beyond your comfort zone, and require you to ingeniously figure out solutions to the unsolvable problems.

It’s almost impossible not to accelerate and round out your skill set and forced to do so. Somewhere I read the quote, “It is in the flames of adversity that our greatness [add 'skill set'] is forged.”

97 percent know this truth: Mindset power-boosts skill set.

The Real Story – Making Global Work

Tom’s story is a great example of how global (mixed with some grit and good) can help you win….

Tom had just been promoted to become the youngest account executive at the well-known advertising agency Carmichael Lynch. Shortly after, the agency lost some business and he lost him job.

Tom knew that, in a tight economy, his best chance was to find a job doing something he loved more than anything else. He went through all his possessions and made a list of products and services he liked and companies he admired. His search included going through books and magazine, and wasn’t finished until he had a hundred companies he thought he could passionately work for. 

Tom’s next step was even more novel. He printed out one hundred copies of his “companies I’d die to work for” list and began sharing it with every person he ran into. Seriously!

While walking down a Minneapolis street, he passed a person he hadn’t seen in nine years, Brian. As a freshman at the University of North Dakota (UND), Tom was a student senator who voted to reduce Brian’s student concert budget. The face was familiar, but they were hardly friends. But Tom needed a job and was committed. He turned around and was surprised to see that Brian had turned around too.

“Hey, are you Brian?”



“Haven’t seen you in years, what are you doing?”

“Just got laid off, fired. Looking for a job.”

“What are you looking for?”

“Actually, I made a list of a hundred companies I’d love to work for. Care to take a look?” 

Brain scanned the list and started laughing at the number seven company on the list, Creative Learning International. “How do you know about Creative Learning?”

“I love their Pocket Innovator and have used it for years.”

“You bought one?”

“Yeah, why?”

“You’re about the only one. They’re small, and they’re about to go bankrupt.”

Tom proceeded to ask how Brian knew so much about the business and Brian explained that the company was started by Gerald, another UND alumnus.

Brian offered to invite Tom to meet Gerald in two days at a holiday dinner hosted at his home. There, Tom employed his relational, collaborative, big-picture qualities to help Gerald think beyond the immediate possibilities. They quickly found out they had the same college adviser, shared fraternity friends and knew each other’s relatives. Tom used his connectivity to create options when none existed, and went into business with Gerald. He created an opportunity that previously did not exist.

Have you made global work for you? Let us know!

How Global are you?

‘Curiosity is one of the permanent and certain characteristics of a vigorous mind’ – Dr Samuel Johnson

Global is the vantage point of your 3G Mindset. It is about openness to new experiences and new ideas as well as the ability to make new connections and to create new combinations.

You can apply global anywhere. You will be pleased to know that you don’t have to go on an amazing trip to a foreign land to radically alter your lens or the way you see the world. You can take an equally awakening journey within yourself. You can ‘go global’ in the simplest ways….

1. Crank up your curiosity – seek new ways to make what you do and where you work even better.

2. Enter each situation with an open mind, being receptive to and agile in adjusting to new ways of doing things. Be someone who asks “Why not?” instead of “Why should we”.

3. Reach beyond your immediate horizons to harvest fresh thinking and form new connections between people and situations that others might not spot.

4. Challenge yourself every time you go anywhere (a restaurant, a shop, walking through town etc.) to find one example of something unrelated to your work that offers an inspiration or idea that could lead to any kind of improvement, big or small.

Global success stories will follow soon, please share yours below.

Shattering Old Assumptions

Not all mindsets are created equal. Imagine taking all the top mindset ingredients employers say make the biggest difference, pressure-testing them to see how they hold up and then pouring them into a giant sorting machine. That’s essentially what we’ve done to arrive at what we call the “3G Mindset”.

The 3G Mindset is a distillation of all the most important mindset qualities which employers seek, and science substantiates, into three fundamental categories. These three categories provide a logical, accessible and memorable framework that includes all the key mindset ingredients.

We’ve found that all the most important aspects of your mindset fit into these three categories, or three “Gs”, which stand for:

Global – The Vantage Point

How far you see, reach and go to understand and address everyday challenges and issues.

Good – The Bedrock

Seeing and approaching the world in a way that truly benefits those around you – ethics, morality and your general approach to others.

Grit – The Fuel Cell

What propels you forward and brings your 3G Mindset to life, even in the darkest moments.

Keep your eye on this blog – each week we will provide tips and advice on how to assess and develop your 3G Mindset. In the meantime, you can assess your own mindset strengths and weaknesses for free using the 3G Panorama via the homepage.

Triple your chances of getting the best job. Literally.

As a job seeker or someone trying to flourish at work, ever wonder, out of the hundreds of “expert” tips, which ones are actually proven to work?   Here’s what 98 percent of top employers worldwide say and groundbreaking research studies prove makes all the difference.

Mindset trumps skill set
Give employers what they want.  When forced to choose, “Who would hire, A) the person with the perfect skills and qualifications, but lacking the desired mindset, or B) the person with the desired mindset, but lacking the right skills, 98 percent picked mindset over skill set.

Mindset means money
When forced to choose, 91 percent of employers say they will grant a pay raise, as well as a promotion, to the person with the right mindset over the person with the right skill set.   And, an independent study shows, those who score the strongest on mindset make the most money.

Use a winning mindset
Mindset is not about attitude.  It’s deeper.  It’s the lens through which you see and navigate life.  It therefore affects all that you think, believe, say and do.  Breakthrough research reveals that there are 72 qualities that make up a winning, or “3G Mindset.”

Global Mindset—think big picture!
It’s not about multicultural sensitivity (which can’t hurt).  It’s about time and distance. It’s about pulling your head out of the weeds and tapping the horizon.  Global is your vantage point, or how well you lift you eyes beyond the immediate here and now, employ curiosity and openness to reach out, connect with and draw from a broad array of ideas and people to arrive at superior solutions.

Good Mindset—good guys finish first!
Turns out integrity and kindness—doing what’s right and being good to others—pays off, big time.  Good is the bedrock of a winning mindset.  When the news is packed with mounting immorality and ethical implosions, employees with a Good mindset are gold.

Grit Mindset—take on the tough stuff!
This is the fuel cell of a winning mindset.  It powers all the rest.  See, it’s all about adversity.  Employers want people who flourish even in the worst weather.  Good news is, in most jobs, there’s plenty of it.  Your capacity to not merely survive or cope, but grow with and harness the tough stuff really sets you a part.  Grit fuels pay, promotion, retention, performance, engagement, energy, and more.

Tap the top hits—mindset matters more
Open, curious, big-picture, connecting, considerate, agile, adaptable, resilient, growing, focused, tenacious, moral, honest, trustworthy, authentic, kind, compassionate, generous, other-minded, contributing, tenacious, improving, fair, courageous, creative, and determined are a short list of winning mindset qualities.  Embed them in all you say, think and do.


Here’s how it works:

Mindset quality > put into action > to achieve a specific outcome

Example (tenacity): Pioneered, piloted, and proved a new customer response system and cut complaints by 87 percent.
Example (generosity):  Volunteered to mentor new hires before and after work hours and cut first-90-day turnover by 72 percent.

Triple (or better) your chances with 3G Mindset:
Here’s the breakthrough finding: résumés/CVs with one “Mindset-in-action” statement are three times more likely to win the job.  Those with two or more are seven times more likely to get the offer!   The proof is in.  Mindset helps you stand out from crowd, get paid more, be promoted sooner, be retained when others are cut, and win the best jobs, even over people with better qualifications.

Remember: skills matter, mindset rules!


Introducing the 3G Mindset: the universal and timeless key to career success

Last week marked the culmination of more than two years work with the publication, globally of our new book ‘Put Your Mindset to Work.’

The book, which I have co-authored with Dr Paul G. Stoltz, is the result of substantial and intensive research.  It demonstrates that when it comes to recruitment, mindset emphatically trumps skill set.  The book goes on to identify and describe the key traits that make up the winning mindset, which we call the 3G Mindset.  By applying the winning 3G Mindset in the right way, jobseekers can:

  • Triple their chances of getting and keeping the job they want.
  • Achieve seven times the value of a ‘normal employee’.

On this journey, we asked thousands of employers around the world what they really look for in new recruits and we analysed thousands of job applications to see which were successful and which were not.  We are uniquely placed to do this because of REED’s extensive client contacts and because of the very high volumes of visitors and applicants that we receive online at reed.co.uk.  This meant that we could undertake groundbreaking research, the results of which have the potential to transform recruitment and selection in the future.

Ultimately, employers tell us loud and clear that it is all about mindset.  Skills are important, obviously, but mindset comes first.  But what do they mean by mindset and how do they recognise it?  Until now, the winning mindset has not been defined and there was no way of identifying it.  In response to this gap in the market we have simplified and distilled the most important mindset qualities and created the 3G Mindset™ which describes and captures the essence of what employers say they want.

This website is our new portal to a range of online tools, assessments and services that we have developed to assist employers and job seekers. The 3G Panorama (3GP) is the world’s number one tool for assessing mindset.  The CMe™ offers jobseekers the opportunity to create a new three dimensional CV that will properly demonstrate their mindset qualities at work and thereby improve their prospects.

For me, the best and most exciting thing about this work is that developing a winning 3G Mindset is a good thing to do whoever you are and whatever your circumstances.  A winning 3GMindset is both universal and timeless. You can take it with you anywhere.